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Desktop Software to Find, Acquire, Extract and Analyse Open Source Data

The EMM Open Source Intelligence Suite (EMM OSINT Suite) is a desktop software application which helps to find, acquire, extract and analyse information from the Internet and local sources. It contains a set of tools to automate various tasks in the process of gathering intelligence from open sources. Therefore it reduces the effort of manually searching through and exploring vast textual document collections.


EMM OSINT Suite comprises a set of powerful tools to support the main processes of intelligence gathering from open sources: Documents can be acquired from the public internet as well as from local sources. The built-in named entity extraction engine identifies entities such as person and organisation names, geo locations, facilities, time expressions, phone numbers, banking identification numbers, credit cards and user defined custom entity types. The graphical analysis views helps to make sense of the data.


Product Tour

To get a first impression what the software can do for your organisation, please head over to our Product Tour


Acquire Documents

EMM OSINT Suite integrates a browser based search interface to the most commonly used internet search engines. Search results can be downloaded for further local processing. In addition to using search engines, targeted websites can be crawled using the embedded web crawler. The crawler follows the link structure of a website and downloads relevant pages to local disk. A file import wizard complements the acquisition tools. It allows to import locally stored documents for further analysis. For further processing the plain text is extracted from a variety of document formats, such as HTML, PDF and Microsoft Office and Open Office.

Extract Information

The named entity recognition engine based on EMM technology can identify a wide range of entities in texts.

The engine identifies the following entity types:

  • Person and Organisation Names
  • Locations
  • Temporal expressions
  • Contact details (phone number, email addresses, etc.)
  • Credit card numbers and bank identification numbers
  • Custom Entities, such as
    • VAT identifiers
    • Container Shipment IDs
    • Social Security IDs 

The extraction engine can be customised to domain specific requirements by either defining patterns for the recognition of new entity types or importing catalogues of known entities.

Analyse Data

The user navigates quickly to the found entity locations using the integrated entity browser. The review of large document sets is made straightforward. Additionally, a graphical viewer allows to chart the relationships between entities. These relationships are based on co-occurrence in the underlying documents and are shown as links between the nodes. The graphical representation allows to derive intelligence about entities and their relationships which may otherwise not be directly obvious from the original documents.

Find Information

The system supports major Internet search engines as well as custom defined engines. To allow the user find the relevant information and aggregate it from different sources.








Law Enforcement Use Cases

The system can be customised to support a wide range of law enforcement use cases, including typical scenarios, such as:

  • Person Background Check
  • Relationship Exploration of Persons, Organisations and other entities
  • Categories Downloaded Material according to Word Patterns


System Requirements

The software runs on typical PCs with 64-bit MS Windows or Linux Operating Systems.  We recommend a fast CPU, a Solid State Disk and at least 8 GB of Memory.


Evaluate the Software

The software is available free of charge for all public authorities in Member States of the European Union and beyond (on request). For operational use a license agreement is needed.

For all information on how to obtain the software please contact


The Software has been developed by the Joint Research Centre under an agreement with DG Migration and Home Affairs. All Rights Reserved.

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